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CERAMATE was founded in 1995, based on the principles of Challenge, Efficiency, Reliability, Aggressive, as the philosophies of CERAMATE. We've been dedicating to surge protective components and devices , providing series of innovative technology with worldwide patents and complete safety certifications, including UL, TUV, CQC, VDE, CSA…etc. We've earned trust from plenty local & international clients.

Our Products
Main Products : Surge Protective Devices(SPD), LED lighting SPD, HVAC SPD, Thermally protected MOV(TMOV), Varistor, MOV, Gas discharge tube(GDT), Transient voltage suppressor(TVS), Sidac type protector(Comtector).

Executive Standards

UL 1449 / UL 497B
IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11
ANSI C82.77-5 / ANSI C136.2
IEEE C62.41.2 / GB 18802.1

Customer Services

Customized design and production.
Surge protective countermeasures
for terminal equipment.
Trial run for surge standard requirements.


Over 60 standard test items,
Including type 1~5 and Class 1~3.
Witness Test Data Program in
compliance with UL 1449, UL 498,
UL 1363 and UL 1310.

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