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LED Lighting SPD

- Special for LED lighting system.
- Compact and easy to install in any luminaire.
- Solutions for all configurations and all voltages.
- Parallel or Series connected options.

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Thermally Protected MOV

- Suitable for terminal or HVAC equipment protection.
- Remote signal and control options.
- Built-in thermal link device connected with MOV directly.
- Thermal response super quick.

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- Pluggable modules.
- Industry and automation.
- Commercial and residential installations.
- Thermally disconnected protection and remote control.

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Power SPD PCB-mounted assembly

- LED照明系统专用
- 小型化适合安装在灯具内部
- 具备不同类型及电压等级
- 可选用串联或并联连接

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Surface Mounted MOV

- Suitable for LED lighting driver application.
- Plastic-encapsulated packages, SMD type.
- Light color enclosure, matching with LED lighting fixtures overall product design.

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Discrete Surge Protective Components

- Varistor, MOV
- Gas discharge tube (GDT)
- Transient voltage suppressor (TVS)
- Sidac type protector (Comtector)

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Surge Protective Devices(SPD), LED lighting SPD, HVAC SPD, Thermally protected MOV(TMOV)


Engineering Change Notice

DN-21003 2021-7-16
notification of markings on varistors

Description of change:We will standardize the marking template according to the safety regulations.

DN-21004 2021-7-12
MFVA20_NFV20 tray change

Description of change:To change placing way and quantities per tray and per box.

DN-22001 2022-7
MFVA20M Change of housing printing

Description of change:According to the newly obtained safety regulations, the printing and method shall be unified.

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