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LED Lighting SPD

- Special for LED lighting system.
- Compact and easy to install in any luminaire.
- Solutions for all configurations and all voltages.
- Parallel or Series connected options.

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Thermally Protected MOV

- Suitable for terminal or HVAC equipment protection.
- Remote signal and control options.
- Built-in thermal link device connected with MOV directly.
- Thermal response super quick.

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- Pluggable modules.
- Industry and automation.
- Commercial and residential installations.
- Thermally disconnected protection and remote control.

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Power SPD PCB-mounted assembly

- Base station of 5G mobile networks, AC or DC power supply and distribution systems.
- Electric vehicle charging station, AC or DC power supply and distribution systems.

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Surface Mounted MOV

- Suitable for LED lighting driver application.
- Plastic-encapsulated packages, SMD type.
- Light color enclosure, matching with LED lighting fixtures overall product design.

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Discrete Surge Protective Components

- Varistor, MOV
- Gas discharge tube (GDT)
- Transient voltage suppressor (TVS)
- Sidac type protector (Comtector)

The Importance of Surge Protector

Lightning strikes are common. According to the National Weather Service, an average of 25 million lightning strikes are detected each year in the United States. Of course, few of them actually hit people. Some facts about lightning include that:
Thunderstorms, which produce lightning, are most common in the early afternoon. The peak season for lightning strikes is during the summer, with most deaths from lightning strikes occurring in June, July, and August. Lightning can strike even when a thunderstorm is 5 to 10 miles away. About 400 people are hit by lightning each year. About 3 to 10 children and teens die from lightning strikes each year.


Because of the extreme climate, the probability of lightning strike is increasing 7% year by year.

When the lightning happened, the probability of lightning striking a building situated on the strike area is 23%.


63% of product failure during warranty are caused by surges.

Installing Surge Protective Devices
Can effectively reduce the loss of life and property caused by the occurrence of lightning strikes.
Can effectively reduce the damage caused by various surges in the customer terminal equipment.
Can effectively improve the reliability and safety of consumer electronics.

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